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In a time where businesses are even more interested in evaluating productivity at every level of their workforce, trying to find ways to improve workplace performance is at the forefront of every business leader’s mind. While it is easy to think about improving production and immediately begin thinking about streamlining processes, combining job responsibilities, and bringing in extra staff, there is another option to consider. Surprisingly, listening to music is believed to have a positive impact on the workplace. Here’s a look at some of those benefits.


Stress Reduction

Life is already pretty full of stress with responsibilities inside and outside of the workplace. When you combine job duties and deadlines to the mix, that stress is amplified. However, hearing your favorite song or a song by your favorite artist can have a positive impact on stress and anxiety. Some studies show that listening to classical music can have a calming effect on heart rate, blood pressure, and releases stress-reducing hormones in the brain as well.


Increased Productivity

While there is always a need to evaluate steps in the business process, some studies indicate that 79% of employees boost their personal productivity while listening to music. The same study, conducted in 2016, also showed that of the employees who are allowed to listen to music at work, 59% of them say it is beneficial to their mental well being. Employees who are less stressed and overall happier within their jobs are more likely to show initiative and productivity. They want to work harder for their employers who promote their wellbeing. 


Mood Changes

All of us have had days where we showed up to work in a good mood and then the hustle and bustle of the job changed it before we even finished our first cup of coffee. Maybe a morning meeting went south, you are feeling shorthanded and overworked, or a deadline got moved up. Either way, your mood has taken a sharp downturn. A chemical that can be released in the brain called dopamine is able to revive that good mood. One way to have a dopamine release in the brain? By listening to music.


Happy, less stressed employees are more productive employees. While it is important to focus on the task at hand, there is certainly something to be said for listening to music in the workplace. So turn on your favorite song and get to work. You’re about to be more productive than ever before.