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With the right tools, songwriting can be easy, fun, done at any time, and free. Here are the most helpful tools for songwriting.




Evernote is an app that can attach audio to text notes, so a songwriter can attach song recordings to specific notes and organize them. Evernote can be used on an app or online.


Pen and Paper


While writing lyrics down on paper takes more time than the other tools, it gives the songwriter extra time to think over their words and see what fits. There is no worry about battery life; they are easy to find, and affordable to buy.


Google Docs


Google Docs is another way to easily organize songwriting notes. It automatically saves the notes, which can be filed into folders for better organization and can be done on an app and on the web.




A song doesn’t need rhyming to make an impact. But if rhyming is needed, RhymeZone is a great tool to use. Not only does it give words that rhyme with a chosen word, but it also gives phrases that almost rhyme. It is available on the app and on the web. If the choices of rhymes are still limited, Rhyming Dictionary and the Doppelreim App are great sources to try.


Voice Recording App


Taking notes on lyrics is easy; taking notes on melodies is harder. If it’s not recorded immediately, it can be easily forgotten. With the Voice Recording App, that is no longer a worry. Whenever there is a melody idea, it can be recorded on the app.


File Sharing Apps/Websites

For those working with other songwriters or need feedback, these apps and websites are great tools to share their work. WeTransfer and Dropbox can send and store up to 2GB of files, give alerts through email, and are easy to use. However, WeTransfer cannot email multiple MP3s, so audio sharing is limited. Another great source is Soundcloud, a music streaming website where a songwriter can upload up to 3 hours of songs to other musicians. Pieces can be sent in private by sharing the link with select people, and only they can see the work.