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One of the most difficult parts about deciding to learn your first instrument actually choosing the instrument you’re going to play. There are so many options available. Guitar, piano, flute, drums, trumpet, saxophone, and so much more. How are you supposed to choose one? This can be a daunting task that may even turn some people off, but it’s important to not let that happen. Learning to play an instrument is a great skill to have and can translate into many other things in life. Some instruments are harder to learn than others but if you’re persistent you can master anything. Read on for some tips to help you choose your first instrument. 

Think About Your Budget

The first thing you should think about when choosing your first instrument is your budget. While most instruments have large price ranges, there are some that no matter what will be more expensive than others. For example, you can get a good beginner keyboard or guitar for $250 and oftentimes lower! But if you’re trying to learn something like a tuba, you might have a harder time finding something at a lower price. 

What Kind Of Music Do You Like?

This is likely the first thing you think of when trying to think of an instrument to learn. Perhaps the music you like to listen to inspired you to pick up an instrument? It’s important to think about this when choosing your first one. If you like rock and roll, electric guitar, bass, or drums might be the instrument for you. If you’re more into acoustic or instrumental things, you might want to lean toward piano or a strings instrument like the violin. If jazz is your thing, then you might want to pick up the saxophone or a trumpet. There are so many options and your musical taste is a good way to determine your instrument of choice. Just remember that not all instruments were created equally.

How Much Time Do You Have?

If you’re picking up an instrument as an adult, you likely have other obligations that will ultimately take you away from your instrument. As mentioned previously, not all instruments are created equally and if you can’t dedicate the time, you may not be able to really grasp them. Instruments like the piano or guitar can be picked up with ease by first-timers who are choosing to be casual players. Something more complex like an accordion might not be as easy to even become decent at if you don’t dedicate the time required to it. Think about how much time you really think you’ll dedicate to this instrument and that may help you make the right decision so you can get the most out of this endeavor.