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Whether you are an upcoming artist or one that has been in the industry for some time, you need to look for opportunities that can expose your music to more massive crowds and increase your fan base. There are many options to choose from when promoting your music, and it can be challenging to select the best. Below is a list to help you promote your music effectively.


Create good tracks


When writing music, have something to offer to your listeners. Good music is appealing to the ear, and therefore you need compelling tracks. Learn about music composition, master your music, and be perfect on your mix to produce the right product. When you are sure and confident about the track, you can release and promote it with zeal.


Create a trusted online presence through verification


When promoting your music on different platforms, you start creating a presence. It’s important to get verified to manage your space on these platforms. You will be able to control messages and any other information from fans that access your music. Most venues offer straight-forward verification processes.


Press kit


When pitching your track to a playlist or sending it to blogs, creating a good electronic press kit is essential. Your press kit should include your music, Key data, social statistics, touring history, and imagery. Get a press kit professional to do the work for you or use electronic press kit templates online to get the format. When your information is readily available, it can help generate significant traffic on your music.


Create a YouTube channel


Most artists get recognition through YouTube. To get started with your music career, creating your own YouTube channel can increase your industry visibility. Keep uploading your music and sharing your journey, and with the time, you will enlarge your fan base.


Use hashtags


Use commonly searched music hashtags for music fans to access your tracks easily. When tweeting, use hashtags such as #blues or #rock on your band’s Twitter account. You will get exposure very fast when you use hashtags regularly, inviting people to view your music.


Have a music website


Wix Music helps in creating music websites. The application has all tools required to promote your tracks, sell and distribute them online. This platform is favorable because you sell your music at a 100% commission fee from your website. You can sell your music quickly when you upload it to the app. You can also push gigs through Wix Music because it integrates seamlessly with song kick and BandsInTown.