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Josh Keidan

“…life in terms of music”

About Josh Keidan

Josh Keidan is a Toledo-based expert in education, English and Language Arts, and teaching individuals at every level. Whether he is working with fellow PhD students looking for another set of eyes on their dissertations, middle-schoolers who are learning the foundational principles of Language Arts, or individuals striving to complete English as a Second Language (ESL) courses, Josh holds firmly to the idea that if he can learn it, he can teach it. 

As it stands, Josh Keidan is working on his dissertation at The University of Toledo, from which he expects to graduate with a PhD in Education in 2020. Throughout his time at the university, Josh has also served on their staff as a teacher, editor, curriculum designer and researcher, which has enabled him to test various educational theories, environments, and approaches to improve the overall learning experience. The role of creativity and the arts in learning, particularly improvisation, are central to his research, and he has designed and co-taught a course for teachers (“Discourse for Learning”) centered around student and teacher improvisation in the classroom.









When Josh Keidan is not engrossed in researching his own dissertation, “Learning and Identity Expansion in Innovative Organizations,” and PhD coursework or teaching others through the implementation of various educational theories, he can be found experimenting with new recipes or enjoying the arts in some capacity.

As the Improv Coach for The University of Toledo’s Improv and Acting Club, Josh is afforded the opportunity to coach and perform alongside other actors, as well as enjoy the unpredictability of this form of live theatre. Additionally, Josh has performed and run workshops with the groups including of Unfiltered Improv and Glass City Improv. However, it is important to note that Josh’s passion for the performing arts does not start and stop with improvisation. Instead, he has also experienced the classic, scripted side of theatre, having performed in a mainstage production with The University of Toledo Theatre Department, as well as having competed on many occasions at the Moth Storyslam in Ann Arbor. 

“I think my love for music and my love of education comes from the same place; learning keeps us young and happy.”

Outside of performing, Josh Keidan is also deeply passionate about music. Personally, he plays the guitar and piano and is fascinated by the challenge of expressing himself through such mediums. 

All in all, Josh enjoys the art of expression and strives to integrate such principles — especially those related to improvisation — into the classroom whenever possible. Should you be interested in learning more about Josh Keidan, his love for learning, and how that can intersect with the arts, be sure to visit his blog page frequently!