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Music has many benefits, and learning to play a musical instrument can be rewarding in many ways. Playing a musical instrument is a great hobby that helps kids and adults learn discipline and healthily deal with stress while expressing their creativity. Every musician starts somewhere, and you’re never too old to learn a new instrument! Although many people start their children on a musical instrument at a young age, even adults are capable of picking up something new! Before diving into a short list of some of the best musical instruments for beginners, one of the secrets to staying committed to learning an instrument is picking the one that inspires you to play! 


The guitar is a great instrument for beginners because it is accessible and popular in modern music. For starters, compared to say, brass or woodwind instruments, a guitar is affordable: a beginner’s set can cost around $200 or even less, with many varieties for you to choose from. There are many styles of guitar that you can study depending on your music interests, ranging from classical to rock and jazz. Because of its popularity, there are so many resources available to help you learn the guitar. One neat feature about the guitar and similar instruments is that if you don’t want to learn to read music, you can learn tablature instead. 


Admittedly, a piano is going to cost more and take up more space than a guitar. It comes with a few challenges such as the inability to tune it yourself and most likely requiring lessons to learn to play it. The major benefit of learning piano is that you will develop a strong background in music theory, which will translate to virtually almost any other instrument. A piano has all of its notes in a row, making it easy to see the theory behind concepts like chords and scales. A more budget-friendly option for students wanting to learn the piano is an electric keyboard. There are different models depending on your budget, but in general, they take up less space and are less expensive.


An instrument rich in American history, a banjo might not be one of the first instruments to come to mind for a beginner, but it’s one worth exploring! A banjo features four or five strings and produces sound using something like a drum head, with a back piece called a resonator. Like a guitar, the banjo is a relatively affordable and compact instrument. Learning the basics to the banjo is similar to learning guitar. If your interests lay primarily in folk, bluegrass, and country music, then you should consider trying the banjo!